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Hope you are hangin’ in there in these crazy times. Below are the latest songs from by Row Boat Song Series. I’m committed to continuing to create, perform and teach music regardless of the circumstances. If you enjoy what I’m creating and have the means to send a contribution, you can do so at paypal.me/ericnoden or Venmo @Eric-Noden or quick pay/Zellle eric@ericnoden.com

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Saturday November 28
Grooves for Guitar and Harmonica #1 Fox Chase/Piedmont
instructors: Joe Filisko & Eric Noden
Time: 1pm central time US
Registration: $40
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Joe & Eric break down the Fox Chase/Piedmont groove for harmonica and guitar in their first instructional webinar as a duo. They’ll explore the interlocking patterns on harmonica and guitar that create the groove and focus on building a solid rhythmic foundation as a duo. Harmonica and Guitar tabs and practice tracks will be emailed to students a day before the Webinar. Each webinar is recorded and then sent out to participants when the event ends. In fact, many students sign up just for the recording, regardless of whether they attend or not. Register Now

Students will also have a unique one-time opportunity to submit an audio or video recording after the workshop for direct feedback from either Joe or Eric (This is included in the cost of the webinar)

Harmonica players will need a harmonica in the key of A. Guitar players need a 6 string guitar. For guitar players some experience with fingerpicking is helpful.

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